Speaker Bureau

Nettie Baldwin – nnbassoc@verizon.net

  • A Revival of African American Schools

Angenita Boone – btobe1@aol.com

  • Church and Cemetery Records
  •  How to Begin: “Your Family Legacy”
  •  How to use the State Archives
  •  Researching Public Documents (i.e.: Military, Census Records, etc.)
  •  What’s In A Name?

Tina A. Brown – tabwv79@aol.com

  • Preserving Your Family Photos

Bryana Campbell – bryanacompbell21@yahoo.com

  • DNA Analysis

Lamar E. DeLoatch – northampto@aol.com

  • Black Indians: “ African & Native American Heritage” (WORKSHOP)
  • Bridging the Gap between Freedom, Slavery, and Africa (WORKSHOP)
  • Genealogy 101: “Break On Through To The Other Side”
  • It’s OK to Visit the Plantation.
  • Keeping The DeLoatch/DeLoach Family Stories Alive
  • Migration Patterns: “An Alternative for Locating African American Origins”

Anne Heard – lizabeth.heard@gmail.com

  • African American Slaves and Religion

Fred Watts – fredwat3@aol.com

  • Technology for Genealogy