AAHGS Family History Center

The Center is located in the rear of Genesis Baptist Church, 2812 E. Bessemer Ave., Greensboro, NC 27405. [Click for map]

It is opened on Saturdays by appointment only (Except for Holiday Weekends) from 10 am to 12 noon.

Appointment only (Mon through Fri) - call (336) 379-1133.

Our Email address is: NCAAHGS@aol.com

Surnames Listing

Surnames of African Americans origins provide a definite beginning for most researchers in determining their family parentage.  Family names listed are closest to our members.

Member Name

Contact Address


Linda Adams


Johnsie M. Alston


Mark, Allen, Butler, Green, Hooper, Legrand, Little, Smith, Terry, Tonkins, Watlington, Weatherby

P. H. Austin wristpus1855@yahoo.com Walker, Blount, Bryant, Dobbins, Grimes, Hendricks, Smith, Wrispus, James
Nettie Baldwin nnbassoc@verizon.net  
Wesley Baldwin    
Latonya Bell    
A. Boone  

Davis, Dingle, Gaillard, Prioleau, Session, Singleton, Smalls, Skeeter, Whaley

N. Boone booneL@bellsouth.net Alford,  Bogan, Edwards, Hayes, Martin, Steele, Taylor, Tipp, Tyson
T. Boone   Boone, Cross, Jordan, Morings, Reid, Riddick, Wilson
Karen Brown karenbrown600@gmail.com  

T. Brown

tabwv79@aol.com Akers, Branch, Saunders, Toothman, Cannady, Hanson, McCain
W. Brown jatorh@aol.com Brown, Meadows, McDaniel, Powell, Williams, Green
Ron Bruner kadiking@aol.com Bruner, Allison, Armstrong, Chavis, Cowles, Doggett, Holt, Lindsay, Satterwhite, Twitty, Welborn(e)
Gloria Covington ladycov@bellsouth.net Huntington, Watkins, Watts
Steven Covington stevencovington@bellsouth.net Fletcher, Diggs, Parner, Little, Matthews, Blue, Barrett
C. A. DeLoatch northampto@aol.com Wheeler, Brewington, Freeman, Green, Holt, Lutterloh, Mallette, Emanuel, Wade, Winter, Ferguson, Jacobs, Mitchell, Loftin, Mills, Quinn
L. E. DeLoatch northampto@aol.com Desloges, DeLoatch, Deloatche, Deloach, Allen/Edwards, Fogg, Futrell, Langford, Lassiter, Peebles, Powell, Smith, Spruill, Weaver, Odom, Bush, Martin
Harold C. Fields HFields@Bellsouth.net Fields, Barrett, Davis, Leak, Terry, Cousar
Christine Goode    
Lonnie Goode    
Shirley Gray    
John Harris johnharris312@earthlink.net Harris, Adams, Davis, Ford, Harper, Harrison, Rosebrough
Nathan Harris    
Anne Heard aheard@triad.rr.com  
David Heard aheard@triad.rr.com  
Manus E. Holmes manusgso@yahoo.com Holmes, Bright, Garris,  Garrison, Mathis, Matthews, Pugh
Mary H. Lee  
Angela Lofton Akaangel1@gmail.com
Erica Marion Ericamarion@hotmail.com Oliver, Nash, Marion, Watkins, Thompson
Kristen Marion  
Elease Lucas Miles ellucas@northstate.net Billings, Woods, Miles, Smith
Audramae Lyle-Williams    

D. Mulgrave

dmulgrave@aol.com Prudence, Armstead, Sanders, Hightower
Jacques Overdiep Joverdiep@triad.rr.com  
Shirley Overdiep    
E. R. Patterson erp1966@hotmail.com James, Reid, Reed, Jones, Dawson, Chavis
Marian Quick quickacequick@bellsouth.net  
Bernetiae Reed    
Edward Tweedy    
Patricia Tweedy
Dennis L. Waddell Dennis_Waddell@yahoo.com  
Carole Watkins    

Clarence Watkins

Cynthia Watts    
Fred Watts    
Ellis Ray Williams